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Mr & Mrs. Deva Khalsa, Florida

“Their analysis saved me time & money”

My husband and I have traveled several times from Florida to Dallas just to see Elena Merani. Why?
Elena Merani, ND has developed the rare ability to diagnose and heal through sound. Her remarkable skills to diagnosis have been spot on and hugely helpful for me as I am dealing with Lyme and auto immune issues.

Her ability to help identify the specifics of childhood trauma that I have been working on for decades has been hugely helpful in my healing journey. In addition, a chronic fungal skin infection has been gone since my last healing treatment with Elena. We enjoyed Elena’s optimism, creativity and enthusiasm.

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I actually traveled to Dallas to see Dr Greg Hyde, MD first before I met Elena. Both my husband and I have had immunotherapy treatments with Dr. Hyde, which I have not been able to locate in Florida. The treatments have given me noticeable benefits with Neuro-Lyme and immune issues. Dr. Hyde also used a special technique to help when I had lymph drainage issues. My husband who suffered with shingles recently felt his nerves calm down after the immune treatments from Dr Hyde. Since he also has had a chronic parotid gland issue, he was able to take advantage of Dr Hyde’s expertise in this area. We have found that Dr. Hyde has valuable traits in the way that he has combined his medical knowledge with more functional, holistic application. This is a very refreshing and beneficial combination because he applies himself with humility, openness, and humor.

We found that Elena and Dr Hyde made an excellent team when they worked together on us, because so much more healing and diagnosis could happen in a shorter time with their expertise combined. They are on the front lines of a reboot of our health care system that is developing efficient systems to identify and treat causal factors more naturally. My husband had two chronic physical symptoms, and together they noticed that were both complaints were on his gall bladder meridian. At the doctors recommendation, my husband just flushed out close to a hundred gall stones with a cleanse, and now looks and feels better. We have experienced many functional doctors and practitioners, but have never flown in just to see one before. We felt it was well worth the time and expense, and we hope to see them again in the near future.

Mr & Mrs. Deva Khalsa

Donna W., East Texas

“Parkinson’s symptoms improved!”

Hello there. I am excited to give you an update on my brother. He completed his dental work about three weeks ago and went back to the dentist this week for a general cleaning and checkup. They were very pleased with the health of his teeth and said his gums had made significant improvement.

The best news is that he was taking six levodopamine pills a day and is currently down to only one per day. The shaking has subsided and he is to take them only as needed. He’s been taking one when he first wakes up more out of habit than need. We are so grateful to God for his healing and for the part both of you have played in diagnosing the root cause of his problem.

We are so thankful for both of you. Look forward to seeing you again soon.


Annie D., Houston

“Elena Merani is beyond gifted – she is God sent.”

She has helped me in ways that I didn’t even know that I needed. She heals at the soul level to get to the root cause of physical issues and emotional patterns. Elena Merani unlocks the mysteries of your body so that the healing can begin. In her hands, there are truly no barries to complete health and emotional well being. After one session you have hope, and with a little more work you can soar.

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Dr. Hyde is a very unique combination of a super smart medical doctor and Medicine Man – healing in the natural ways. He actually knows how to help the body heal rather than just treating symptoms (the usual path of doctors). He has an unlimited capacity for learning and is open to new and better ways to doing everything – which I find really refreshing. His desire to share his learnings with his patients is really uplifting. With one treatment he helped me with a painful condition that my regular doctor told me that I would just have to learn to live wtih and handle with pain killers. You can imagine the joy of not having a life long painful condition that I just have to live with. Dr. Hyde is God’s gift to us all.

Julie M., Orlando

“the best I’ve ever been! “

I have traveled the world to see the best doctors to address my serious health challenges. I spent thousands and thousands of dollars in diagnostic testing, prescriptions, and supplements. I also made significant lifestyle changes.

I still didn’t feel well.

Continuing to search, I finally found the missing path to my healing–Dr. Greg Hyde and Elena Merani, N.D.!

Their leading-edge methods and incredible knowledge coupled with their Sonic Alignment treatments helped me actually feel better and get better.

I now feel the best I’ve ever been!

They are truly world-class healing practitioners who made a tremendous impact on my life, more than any other practitioners I’ve ever seen.

I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to feel their best!

-Julie M.

Colleen E. Brown, Little Rock

“I was amazed with Elena’s advice!”

I was eager to meet with you two, from having heard the results achieved by others, as to the accuracy of your readings on cardinal emotional encounters, even to the year, sometimes the month, I was intrigued.

The results were phenomenal for me. Nothing mind-blowing maybe but for me, huge major-ally huge! Indeed you did “pick up” on emotional intersections; even knowing ahead of time that you could do that, you found some I had denied or didn’t know how profoundly impactful they were. Wow!

By the time we finished the session, something major, something magical had occurred. A soul-full-of-magical appreciation flows your way!!!

When I arose from the table, Elena said to me, “Welcome to your new life, your new body???” Little did I know how far-reaching those words were. Here’s what has happened since then:

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~ Since about 2003 I couldn’t sit quietly anywhere without falling asleep or at the very least feeling like I hadn’t slept well for days. It made it nigh impossible to watch anything on TV, read a book leisurely, just sit and relax, or even to meditate with mindfulness as I had long been used to doing.

~ My energy doesn’t flag nearly as much; most days now I rarely nap, or, if I do, it’s because I enjoy a power nap of 10 minutes.

~ Kidney issues – you tied my hearing loss to ancestral (which I already knew somewhat) and that my kidneys were calcified, along with my ears and that they were related. You then broke the heritage issue going back to my father’s mother’s family and my mother’s granddad’s family, though you could not know her own 7 brothers all suffered hearing loss, along with her own, and 3 of my siblings plus my son.  I figured being genetic there was nothing that could be done but make the best of it. My hearing has improved; eustation tubes don’t close off as much, and I do hear some subtle sounds more easily???? How??? I don’t know! But its been two weeks and I am still watching this with joy.

This is an even bigger surprise; you mentioned the conditions above often led to incontinence— I never even thought to mention it— but yes, have been painfully suffering with that since at least 2004-5 or before. In the past two years it’s become seriously concerning. Trying things my older friends had suggested had not worked.  I was resigned to okay, “You’re gonna be 80 in June, give it up; it’s just age!” … That ISSUE IS NO LONGER AN ISSUE. ????? I don’t know how you two did that but I’m about as free of that problem as if I were in my 40-50’s. A double wow!!

Lastly, — my energy and sense of well being, plus the decreased joint issues from lactic acid buildup is phenomenal. (??? really?? How can that be??) My gardening day is more like in my 60’s.

I will say that my sleep is good but– my mind seems to be speedily going as soon as I awaken. I can sleep a full 8 hrs at times but when I don’t sleep as much there isn’t the feeling of fatigue. These are subtle things but they make a difference in well being within a day.

Can’t thank you enough for all the benefits I have and am receiving.  I consider your work miraculous!! I’m sure there are other subtle things I will become aware of — oh yes! The hip challenge!!! Forgot about that one; though Emotion Code work had given me far more flexibility, I am able to walk and carry weight such as a concrete block or 5 gal bucket of water, sack of mulch, groceries etc… without flinching!  That too is improved!!

I would love to have my entire family work with you two!!


Colleen E Brown

Rob B., Miami

“Elena and Dr. Greg are amazing.”

“As their client, I experienced how my own body’s sounds and vibration can be used to help me work through both physical and subconscious blocks.

Let me back up and try to explain. Let’s assume that sound and vibration are the originating life force in our world (even the Bible begins with sound – it’s first words are “And the Lord said”).

Elena and Greg use musical tuning forks to identify and replicate the primary ‘pitch’ that operates within a person’s body. Through their gifts and knowledge of the body they are able to use a person’s unique ‘pitch’ to isolate major body components and energy systems, and then hear if that system is ‘out of tune’ or not.

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I came in as a 70 year old feeling the weight of aging and wanting to maintain my vitality. I’ve had recent medical diagnosis of my renal system slowing down, gout & arthritis. Greg and Elena were able to focus on these concerns, open related energy channels and suggest nutritional supplements that resonate with my personal needs. They also went through the timeline of my life looking for traumatic experiences that still carry negative patterns. Through the use of sound they were able to identify key traumatic passages in my life that I didn’t realize still carried pain, then helped me clear this subconsciously held hurt.

I left my treatment with Elena & Greg floating: highly energized and in peace. In the month since the treatment, this feeling of self-ease and energization has continued. I can tell by how much more comfortable I am with my sleep and dreaming.

Elena and Greg have an incredible ability to use sound for healing: to correlate it with Western medical knowledge, and open to possibility of subconscious clearing. I am amazed and so grateful for what they do. “

Brian and Lydia P., Louisville, Kentucky

“a great team with many synergistic abilities”

My wife and I each received two treatments from Elena and Dr Greg. Both times the results were very positive. They are really a great team with many synergistic abilities.

During the first treatment we both felt some extreme emotions that were causing some health related symptoms. We both felt much better initially and we just kept getting better as time went by. To learn that some emotions from your ancestors were impacting your well being was enlightening and to resolve those with the tuning was great. These were pretty well resolved after the first treatment.

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The changes after the second treatment were a bit more subtle, but were still highly beneficial. The positive energy and healing intentions from Elena and Dr Greg set them apart from any other healthcare professionals.

I also believe their knowledge of herbs and herbal remedies to strengthen weakened systems were outstanding

We both would highly recommend Elena and Dr Greg. Their amazing expertise in so many different healing modalities make them unparalleled in their abilities to heal. They are some of the most caring, dedicated, and knowledgeable people you will ever meet.

Brian and Lydia

Charlie (Cat/Pet)

“We are delighted Charlie is healthy again!”

Charlie is a 7-year-old male cat with a history of urinary issues. We keep a close eye on his behavior and litter box habits. He was alternating between lethargy and “the zoomies”, acting skittish, avoiding touch, and visiting the litter box frequently.

Two vet visits in two months resulted in two rounds of prescription medication. Charlie hated the meds. He hid from us at dosage time and squished his ears to avoid the transdermal cream. It was hard to tell if the meds even relieved his symptoms.

Dr. Hyde and Elena to the rescue! We set up a tele-session on September 15, 2019. Charlie hung out in the room before the session officially began— almost like he knew something good was about to happen.

None of Charlie’s history was shared before the session.

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We simply sent a photo of him. Dr. Hyde and Elena walked us through significant events in Charlie’s life— identifying his emotions and affected organs. Several remedies were suggested. (He has accepted half of them, which is pretty good for a cat.)

Over the six weeks since the session, Charlie is more social and affectionate. His playfulness returned— even playing fetch with his toy mouse. He acts less skittish when there is a loud noise. And litter box frequency is way down. (These observations were also made by someone who does not know about the tele-session. She spends a lot of time with Charlie and keeps tabs on his behavior for us.)

We are delighted Charlie is healthy again! Much gratitude for Dr. Hyde and Elena for sharing their very special healing skills with us.

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