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Sonic Alignment

Healing with Sound and The Periodic Table of Emotions

Discover how the Sonic Alignment method was developed, how Sonic Alignment can detect imbalances and stresses in the body and be used to evaluate the best remedies to correct them. Learn the relationship between emotions, minerals, vitamins, and micro-organisms. This revolutionairy book provides a stunning new perspective on why you have problems in certain areas of your health.

This first volume focuses on your relationship with your immune system, auto-immunity, and chronic infections and inflammation. The value of Vitamin B1 in helping you take a first step in a new direction. How Sonic Alignment can give voice to your pet’s behavioral and health issues. How to recognize and disconnect from ancestral energetic patterns effecting your behavior and health.

Break free from dependency on methods that are not restoring your health. Be empowered by the knowledge of why and when your personal health changed and how it can be recovered.


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