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Sonic Alignment Therapy for Children

We have found Sonic Alignment to be very useful in helping parents understand their child’s ailment. Children are frequently unable to voice or describe their exact symptoms. They may have problems in another area of the body which are contributing or worsening the symptoms everyone is focused on. The following case is a good example of this: A pre-teen male child was brought to see us. He was from the Los Angeles area. We were working in Dallas, Texas at the time. He had failure to thrive with short stature and problems gaining weight. He had problems with his digestion which included frequent bloody stools. His doctors in LA had diagnosed him with Crohn’s disease. Medications had not been successful in controlling his symptoms. They were recommending
surgery to remove the affected area of his bowels. His pediatrician recommended they come to Texas as a last effort to avoid surgery.Using Sonic Alignment, a change in frequency was noted in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen at the junction of the small and large intestine. This is the area usually affected by Crohn’s disease. As the rest of the body was scanned, a similar frequency was also noted in
his mouth. Elena traced the timeline of the frequency change back to a specific year, month, and week. His mother opened the calendar on her phone and looked up the date. It was the week he had braces put on his teeth. Elena also detected a lot of “anger” frequency in the areas involved. She expressed that to his parents who replied that their son was not an angry child. However, the boy responded, “I am
too angry! I hate these braces. They make my teeth hurt so much I can’t sleep at night!” Removal of the braces resulted in the resolution of his intestinal problems. Sonic alignment allows us to “hear” the body’s voice even when a child is unable or unwilling to communicate their problems. We can then give focus to the areas that need attention and will restore health.

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