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Sonic Alignment for Professional Athletes

Here are Elena’s observations on the benefits of Sonic Alignment for Athletes: “Having played sports professionally myself, I always wondered if there might have been an energetic reason or an inherited weakness that played a contributing factor in the injury of an athlete. Recently, after talking to a professional beach volleyball player, I realized that this can be true. She had been struggling with an injury to one of her hamstrings. I asked her a couple of questions and determined there was indeed an emotional trauma related to lack of trust and feelings of not being in control. These are emotions which effect the function of the bladder meridian, the power supply to her hamstrings. She was amazed by the insights I was able to give her. She had no idea her personal life was having such an effect on her physical performance.” In order to restore optimal function of the muscle, we believe that the energetic and emotional components both need to be addressed. Ultimately, we believe it is possible to improve strength and function to a higher degree than even before the injury. This is because there is usually an energetic blockage in
the area long before the injury which predisposed to it. Sonic Alignment can help identify why and where the area became weak in the first place. It also empowers the Athlete with the
information they need to address the area at an energetic and physical level. Most importantly it helps develop the mental strength needed to build focus, self-esteem and self-trust.

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