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Horse Health

Two of our dear friends, Ann and Kay Kay, have a small farm in Texas where they take-in working horses, such as polo ponies and rodeo horses, who have become lame. They give them tender loving care during the final years of their life. We love going to their farm to enjoy the quiet solitude and loving spirit that abounds there. During one of our first visits to their farm, they asked if we could evaluate their horses. One of them, Elizabeth, was very nervous and would not let allow most humans to get close to her. We had not tried our techniques on horses yet, but where curious what we could identify and do to possibly help. So, tuning forks in hand, we headed out to the field. As we approached Elizabeth, she would walk away from us, always keeping a distance of twenty feet or more between us. She was visibly nervous and had a scared look in her eyes. After several attempts to approach her, talking in low, non-threatening tones, we decided we had to find another way to get close to her. So, we closed our eyes and imagined we were standing next to her. There…we were able to connect with her energy.Elena and I scanned her body. Elena found a lot of blocked energy around her face and neck, and she heard the sound of pain. It started early in her life, around the time when training would normally begin. She had been a polo pony. We learned later from her owners that some trainers will strike a horse in the face and neck during training. We worked to realign the energy in the area and lift the fearful imprint from her. After working for several minutes, we opened our eyes. She was standing much closer to us. We closed our eyes again and continued working this way, until
we felt all the disturbances had been cleared. When we opened our eyes the final time, Elizabeth was standing next to us, less than an arm’s length away. For the rest of our visit at the farm, Elizabeth would be waiting for us whenever we went outside and would follow us as we went around the property. Elena once got in the golf cart and went exploring around the property, and Elizabeth followed her everywhere she went.

As Elena went through some brush around a corner, though, Elizabeth stopped following her. Elena thought that was strange. She continued around the corner to find it came to a dead end at the edge of the property. Elena turned the cart around and as she came back out of the brush, there was Elizabeth waiting, with a look on her face as if she were saying, “I knew you would be back.” Elizabeth remained much calmer and no longer showed her distrust of humans. We visited the farm several more times over the next year, and she came right up to us each time, allowing us to pet her and feed her carrots.

We also worked on some of their other horses, including Einstein and Duke. Duke had been a rodeo cutting horse. He had become lame in his right hind leg. As we worked on him, we found
out there was an energy block in the upper leg due to a scar. The scar was caused by a brand with a large block “G”. Duke and the other horses had other brands on them, but they didn’t seem to affect the energy like this one. We tracked the timeline of the change to when the brand was placed and found the same negative energy in the person who had branded Duke. His energy had transferred to the horse and into the wound. We have found similar transferred energies in some of the surgical scars of our human clients. With the supervision of a veterinarian, we used a German technique known as Neural Therapy to clear the energy from the scar. As soon as we finished, Duke started putting more weight on his right rear hoof.As for Einstein…
He has a very unusual coat for a horse. It’s actually curly, kind of like a poodle. I joked that he was a cross between a horse and poodle. Elena later “heard” that he didn’t like my comment.
(Lol! ????)
When we worked on Einstein, we found that his main problem was that he didn’t like the skin he was in. (We’ve had human clients who manifested different skin disorders varying from psoriasis to skin cancer who had similar emotions to Einstein.) As a result of his attitude, Einstein constantly tries to draw attention to himself. When we feed the horses, he pushes in front of the others, and if he feels we are not giving him enough attention, he acts out. We try to give him unconditional love and enjoy his quirky behavior. As a result, he has been much more friendly with us.

Note: We caught one episode of his unique behavior on video. Duke was his wingman. And, according to Ann and Kay, they had never done this before…
Here’s a link to the video: (We will need to put this on a YouTube channel for more permanent availability. Apparently,
iCloud share links are only good for 1 month from the time they are created.)

When we were trying to leave the farm, Einstein and Duke decided they didn’t want us to go. Einstein stood in front of our car. Elena rolled down her window to try to persuade Einstein to
move. When she did so, Duke tried to put his head through her window . We had to go get some carrots to get them to move. Maybe they were training us?

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