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Furry Friends

We’ve had several clients ask if we could help them with health or behavioral issues with their house pets. Because the same universal principles apply to the energy of animals, we have been successful in identifying the root cause of their pets’ symptoms and have been able to provide guidance towards resolution. Many pets are now rescued and have been exposed to very traumatic circumstances in their early life. Just like humans, these traumatic imprints affect the way they react to and interact with the world around them. Using Sonic Alignment, we can pinpoint when in their lives the trauma occurred and the area of their body being affected. We can then help realign their energetic imprint. The following experience will illustrate these principles: One of our clients in Southern Florida asked us to evaluate their cat, Charlie. He had been coughing for the previous two weeks, and they were getting concerned. The cat was a stray who followed them home while they were out walking one day. They decided to call him Charlie. He had been a member of heir family for more than six years. This wasn’t the first occurrence of these symptoms, however. Several years ago, he had a similar problem with his lungs. What we found when we evaluated him was a lot of fear in his lungs. We identified the timeline of the development of his current symptoms, down to the day, and the prior occurrence as well. We then checked to see when the first pattern in his lungs had appeared. It was at conception, which meant he had an inherited pattern from one of his parents. We found the same frequency in his mother, close to her birth in 2007. Elena then felt like it was something in the environment that was responsible for all these reactions.
Can you guess what might scare a cat in Southern Florida?
All the time points were when hurricanes were threatening Florida. Then, to our amazement, we
looked up the name of the hurricane in 2007; the one that started the pattern in the cat’s mother

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