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When I was practicing Ear, Nose and Throat medicine, I used to have a programmable sign in front of my office. One of the things I advertised was the ability to relieve a headache in under a minute. It caused the local neurologists – the headache specialists – to call me a quack.

For more than 15 years, I have been successful at least 90% of the time lessening headache severity and, many times, completely alleviating the discomfort. It worked for migraine, cluster, and non-specific headaches, particularly in the front of the head.

A few years ago, I decided to get brave and try this in front of an audience. To begin my talk at a medical conference in Dallas, I invited anyone in the audience with a headache to come up. Since headaches are fairly common, I soon had three people volunteer. Most of them had already taken something for their pain. All three were women: a teenager, a middle aged-woman and a professor from Harvard. I had each one grade the severity of their headache on a 1 to 10 scale with 5 being “Where’s the pill bottle?” and 10 being “The worst headache I’ve ever had or could imagine.” Their scores were between 5 and 8.

I had someone in the audience start a timer.

I used a dilute solution and administered 1/10th of a cc under each person’s tongue. I had them count to 10 and then swallow. I then had them grade the severity of their headache again. Two of them no longer had any headache. The third was given another 1/10th cc of a slightly different dilution of the same solution. After 10 more seconds, I asked her to grade her headache. It was gone. Three headaches gone, in less than a minute. I had everyone’s attention for the rest of my talk.

So, what was in the solution I used?
A super strong pain killer?
A new wonder drug I made in my home chemistry lab.

Nope. It was a very dilute solution of something already in each of our bodies. Something that actually belonged there but was “out of control”. What I gave them acted like “noise cancellation,” and their pain went away.

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