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Chronic pain

Pain is a component of many of the disease processes that our clients present to us. With all the advancements in our knowledge of how the human body works, we still know very little about the mechanisms of pain and have no way to quantify or measure it other than with analog scales For example, clients are asked, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how is your pain?”. However, one person’s 7 is another person’s 5. A stimulus that is painful to someone, may tickle another. You see the problem?

Instead of viewing pain as a neurochemical reaction of the body to a noxious stimulus, we see it as an indicator of disruption in energy flow or an alarm from the fight/flight/withdrawal system of the body. Frequently, it’s both.

We identify the causes of the loss of energy flow in the body using Sonic Alignment and then make recommendations to restore function. This usually includes release of emotional energies, correction of dental issues, neutralization of scar tissues and restoring a balanced relationship with our client’s microbes.

Frequently, we find an imbalance in the Sympathetic (fight or flight) and Parasympathetic (rest, digest, restore) nervous systems which regulate our body’s function moment-to-moment. Areas of the body can get “stuck” in fight or flight resulting in reduced blood flow, muscle tension and loss of function. Pain is a side effect of this reaction. We use techniques to reset the balance between these two systems, reducing the fight/flight response and increasing the body’s ability to rest and restore function.

When we use this combined approach with clients with chronic pain, our results have produced significant reductions in pain, frequently before the session has finished.

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