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Chronic Infection

For more than 30 years, I have been waging war with microbes as an Otolaryngologist (Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist). I attended courses on infectious disease, learned about all the different antibiotics, how they work and how to combine them to get even better results.

However, despite all my best efforts, when it came to chronic infections, the bugs kept winning.) They would either change and become resistant to the drugs I had chosen, or shortly after the drugs were stopped, when everything looked clear, a completely different organism would show up.

I would try surgery to open pathways for the body to drain or clear the infections. Some clients showed improvement. A few got worse.

As I began understanding more about Energy Medicine, I realized that the microbes were there because of a low energy condition. They were doing what they normally do in nature, cleaning up the trash. I called a truce to the war I was waging with them.

I also started to recognize that most of the damage and symptoms associated with chronic infection were not caused by the microbes. They were caused by the immune system’s reaction to the microbes.

Many of these organisms, like staph and strep, are considered normal flora, in other words, bugs that belong on our spaceship human. So, what causes our immune system to go nuts when it encounters these bacteria instead of saying, “Have a nice day”?

Please don’t misunderstand my intent. People with no immune system can succumb to overgrowth of multiple organisms, leading to their demise. The bacteria can do damage. I am referring more to an over-exaggerated response by the immune system. One that has “jumped the rails,” so to speak.

Elena and I have found in our work with clients who have been battling chronic infections for years with conventional and alternative health care that progress is not made until you stop battling the microbes, and, instead, restore harmony with the immune system. We have seen chronic symptoms resolve very rapidly and hope for the future return.

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