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Back Pain

Many of our clients suffer from back pain. They may have had an injury from a motor vehicle accident, lifting something too heavy, or just turning the wrong way. Frequently, they have had other treatments for their back pain before they meet us. These include chiropractic therapies, acupuncture, massage, and even back surgery. They may provide temporary improvements, but no resolution.

When we check the area of their back pain, we always find changes in the energy of that area that occurred long before an injury or symptoms of pain developed. Abnormal energy patterns can be present at conception, indicating a contribution from the ancestors of the client. They can change in utero due to an emotional event the mother had during her pregnancy that transferred to the developing fetus. Or they can be acquired from adverse events during their lifetime.

Regardless of when the energy changes occur, the bladder meridians are usually involved with back pain.

The bladder acupuncture meridian is the longest energy meridian of the body. It begins between the eyes, traveling up between the eyebrows, over the top of the head, down the back of the neck, down the back on either side of the spine to the sacrum. It then jumps back up to the shoulders and comes down the back a second time more laterally, just inside the shoulder blades, down to the buttocks, down the back of the legs to the outside of the foot, ending on the little toes.

Symbolically, the bladder meridian energy has to do with how we feel about our territory, our boundaries, our comfort zone, our space. Animals use their urine to mark their space or territory. We don’t pee around the edges of our property, but we get “pissed off” when people don’t respect or violate our boundaries.

We have found that our clients with back issues are predominantly in fight/flight/freeze mode most of the time (also known as the Sympathetic portion of the Autonomic Nervous System) This is also the function of the bladder meridian.

When your scare a cat, where does the hair stand up? On its back along the spine over the bladder meridian.

When a dog gets angry, where does its hair stand up? On its neck over the bladder meridian. If you scare a child, or even an adult sufficiently, what do they lose control of? Their bladder. You get the picture?

Disruption in the flow of energy in the bladder meridian can result in changes in muscle tension, boney alignment of the vertebrae, and shortening or tightening of the fascial tissues which together change the function and mobility of the spine. Pain is a symptom of the loss of energy flow and function.

By making our clients aware of the circumstances changing the energy flow of their backs, they are able to release old patterns and establish new ones, restoring energy flow to chronically deprived regions. Pain usually resolves and improved mobility and function result.

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