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In the late 1990’s, I had the privilege of spending time, at an allergy conference, with Dr. Leonard McEwen, a brilliant immunologist from Great Britain. He forever changed my perspective on what auto-immunity is.

Dr. McEwen had been doing work with bacterial antigens and found that a number of autoimmune conditions were triggered by these microbial proteins. Dr. William “Butch” Shrader and other physicians in the American Academy of Environmental Medicine have continued his work here in the US. It is known as low dose antigen therapy or LDA.

Rheumatoid diseases, such as, have long been known to be associated with streptococcus infections. Even after the acute infection has cleared, the immune system starts attacking another area of the body: a joint, the skin, kidney, or heart valves, for example.

But why do these reactions occur in some people and not others?

I was taught in medical school that certain inherited patterns of protein expression are associated with an increased risk of rheumatic disease (major histocompatibility antigens or MHA). I often wondered why these MHA groups have higher incidences in certain areas of the world and in certain family lines.

Could there be an environmental or other shared experience factor?

As Elena and I have worked together on clients with autoimmunity, we have found a change in the relationship between our client’s immune system and one of the “passenger” microbes underlying the development of their autoimmune disease. This usually occurred at an emotionally charged time of their life. Their immune system has changed from its guardian “watch dog” role with the microbes, to a “Hey, let’s go create some chaos and build a fire somewhere” relationship.

Conventional therapies focus on attacking the microbes with prescription or natural antimicrobials and suppression of the immune system. We have found, however, that removal of the energetic memory of the traumatic event precipitating the symptom flare-up followed by a restoration of normal immune function, using Dr. McEwen’s methods, to be effective in a wide variety of inflammatory conditions. Bacteria, fungi and viruses can act as triggers. When we have identified the correct triggers, symptoms start to improve within days.

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