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Elena Marr Bio

Elena grew up in Milan, Italy, and studied Chemistry and Foreign Languages before moving to the US. Because of her own health challenges, she changed her career path and began studying natural health in 2006. Her studies resulted in passing the American Board Certification examination in Naturopathy in 2016.

Since childhood, she has had a love of music and sound and enjoys singing, playing guitar, and dancing. She uses her love and knowledge of sound in her approach to natural healing. While researching the use of sound in healing through emotional release, she studied with Eileen McKusick and became a Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner in 2016.

She was invited to be a consultant at the Tennant Institute of Integrative Medicine in Dallas, Texas, from 2017-2019. While there, she recognized and began documenting the relationship between emotions, toxins, vitamins/nutrients, and infectious organisms. Empowering her clients with a knowledge of these relationships has allowed them to restore health and vitality to their bodies for a wide variety of chronic ailments and challenges.

She now works with her husband, Dr. Greg Hyde, using their combined knowledge of Natural, Orthodox, Eastern, and Western Medicine to bring the best practices to their clients.

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