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Sonic Alignment Therapy Overview

Sonic Alignment of Geometric Energies is a novel approach to the identification and remedy of stressors within our bodies. We are able to interface with the subconscious energy system which is governing the body’s physiology using coherent sound. Imbalances, deficiencies, metabolic abnormalities, infectious agents, and energetic blockages can all be detected.

The body’s responses to various treatment options can also assessed and the strongest beneficial agents determined resulting in a treatment regimen that is unique and specific for that individual’s needs.

Sonic Alignment Therapy

The Biofield is an energy field which surrounds every living thing. Coherent sound, like the sound of a tuning fork, can be used to locate and characterize areas in the Biofield which are currently under stress or out of harmony with the rest of the body.

Working as a pair, Dr. Greg and Elena initially identify the specific areas that are currently in need of attention by scanning both sides of the entire body, evaluating nutrients, vitamins, hormones, neurotransmitters, organ systems, and anatomic locations. After agreeing on the areas needing alignment, they then examine the life history of those areas, beginning at conception and preceding to the present day.

Changes in the energy at specific times specified down to year and month of life will be made known to the client. Their participation in describing the events of their life at that time allows clearing of emotional energies and a realignment and re-patterning of the subconscious operating system in that area. Changes in the energy will be noted by a change in the character and quality of the sound of the tuning forks that will be audible to both examiners and the client. Different frequencies of tuning forks, crystals, and BioGeometry symbols are used along with visualizations and focused breathing to mobilize and clear stuck energies.

Once all the discordant energies have been cleared from the Biofield, they will be reintegrated with the central energy locations (chakras). The chakras are then cleared of any extraneous energies by combing the front and back chakras with the tuning forks. This results in an overall feeling of lightness and peacefulness.

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